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Spring finds from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop!

Hello to you all!

  1. A beautiful spring day here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, the sun is shining, the birds chirping, and Mt. Hood standing tall from my front windows.

  2. I received the new Sturbridge Yankee Workshop catalog the other day and wanted to share some findings for Spring 2020! If you're not as familiar with SYW they have fantastic options for rustic/early Americana ideas in a more updated form.

  1. I have been loving Moravian star lights. Pottery Barn has their Olivia Indoor/Outdoor Star Pendant and Ballard Designs has a Moravian Star Pendant as well.The SYW Starlight Copper Chandelier has clear panes of glass that would rock an Edison light bulb. The chandelier comes in two finishes and two diameters. Here are a couple of bulb ideas: Nostalgic 60 Watt Candelabra Base Edison Bulb and 60 Watt Edison Style Candelabra Base Bulb

Our house is small and dark and I have lamps strategically placed all over. I am a fan of small lamps and have one in the kitchen to keep the overheads off as much as possible, along with a smaller lamp by the TV. Small lamps don't detract or influence the light in a space too much but they offer a little light in a dark corner. Enter in SYW's Library Lamp. It's small and unobtrusive enough to fit on a bookshelf, tucked in a corner, or on a guest room shelf. I have a few lamps on timers too which gives me peace of mind while I'm away from home but also so I don't have to go around and turn on 50 million lamps every evening when it gets dark.

  1. While we're on the subject of light: candles. And more specifically from SYW: candle holders. This Red Star Tealight Holder is such a cute idea. Picture it: a balmy July evening, celebrating America's birthday while small red-toned tealights flicker around your porch.

  1. Our guest room is a guest room/office/children's play area/video game area. It needs to wear so many hats! Currently the queen bed is still made for Winter because our house was built in 1946 and I am solidly convinced it does not have any insulation in the walls. I currently like to layer our beds like this: Flannel sheet set from LL Bean with a duvet cover with inner feather down comforter and an additional blanket. Enter in the Apothecary Quilt which I've been eyeing for awhile. It comes in a variety of colors and hangs down far enough to be tucked in. I am currently on board with the Colonial Blue (link and photo) as I think at this time it would best match our existing bedding. They also offer matching shams.

  1. If you've been looking for Ladderback Chairs and Stools (link and photo) you're in luck! SYW has four options: Chair, Counter Stool, Bar Stool, and Arm Chair. They also come in a variety of colors and right now if you purchase 2 or more Chairs or Stools each chair comes to $99.95 each. Fantastic.

These wire baskets (link and photo) are a great way to get things up off your counters and can be placed anywhere! They're both great for that initial mail drop-off as you're headed into the house after a long day too. I've linked other options down below.

  1. Another entry storage idea is this Curved Iron Coat Rack which comes in two sizes. It's handwelded with huge hooks to catch pretty much everything.

  1. For a simple updated Spring look this Yellow Tulips Pillow is fresh and friendly.

  1. SYW features a great option for bathroom storage on top of the WC. The Enamelware Tissue Storage is such a good idea for tucking certain things away.

  1. I have seen multi-colored braided rugs all over but SYW features some solid colors which are bright and cheery for Spring. I love their Celadon, Daffodil, and Blue options. I'm definitely toying with the idea of the Blue on our back porch! Each rug is handcrafted in New England of washable and fade resistant materials that can be used indoor or outdoor! Cleaning instructions simple: "Hose off, hang dry." Easy. If you're curious about how their colors would look in your home Sample yarns are available!

  1. Here's to brightening our homes and welcoming in Spring!

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